Descarga: Ryshon Jones – Hope Is A Dangerous Thing


01 My Pressure Is Conceited (Prod by 96wrld)
02 Poisoned Food For Thought (Prod by Drunkable)
03 Hoping For Interlude (Prod by Jay Knight) Feat. Faylin
04 American Dreamless (Prod by HighleeF)
05 Why Wanna Be Perfect (Prod by Ten Twenty Six)
06 B.G.A.O.B.B.T (Prod by SamGreenS) Feat. Adam Lee
07 Success Is Not The Best Revenge (Prod by C A)
08 Chappelle Show (Prod by Megiapa)
09 Thirst Trap Interlude (Prod by J.u.d.& Paul Maxwell) Feat. Nia Keturah
10 Current (Prod by HI$TO)
11 Intermission (Prod by Lanksy)
12 W.T. Mansion Vulnerability (Prod by Vaiper Despotin)
13 Only Time Will Snitch (Prod by Nifkin) Feat. Benny Love
14 Three Kay (Prod by Thelonious Martin)
15 Later